The Pike Science Fiction Books




   101                           801



203                          802














Pike was an "Adults Only" label that published about two dozen books in 1961 and 1962. There were two Sci-Fi Fantasy books with painted covers. Most of the rest of the Pike covers used photographs of nude (or nearly nude) women in exotic poses. The first printings of those two novels DID NOT indicate that they were intended for adults only ... but the reprints, which were released under different titles, did.

The first, Pike 101, was by Charles Nuetzel, writing under the pseudonym "Alec Rivere." The second, Pike 203, was by George H. Smith. Both cover paintings were by Albert Neutzel.

Pike 101 was reprinted as Pike 801. Pike 203 was reprinted as Pike 802. The title pages of the reprinted books used their original first printing titles.

This has been pretty well documented in the past, but until you see the originals and their reprints side-by-side, you don't really get the full impact.


Thanks to Keith Dilbone for the scans and info.