Sticker Used for Censorship?











Intimate 32

Basement Gang

by David Williams


I own two copies of this book. Both books sport identical stickers, and they are obviously hand-placed. They aren't quite in the same position, but they cover the same general area.

The second cover was contributed by collector Larry Lasseter, and shows the man caressing the reclining girl's bare knee. (I don't know if Larry's book was issued without the sticker, or if it was removed.)

The third image was spotted by Frank Motler on ebay. I eventually acquired it. It's a "book-length novel magazine," and to my knowledge, there were no other Complete magazines printed after this introductory issue. The red stripe is NOT a sticker ... it is part of the cover design.

I'm guessing that the publisher was worried that New York censors might block the book's distribution because of the pose (possibly because it was a photo and not a painting). I know of no other sticker or graphic overlay applied to a paperback cover that might be for that purpose.


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