One Book, Two Labels, Two Numbers












Tom Daniels, of Springfield, MO, writes:

This edition of Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang by Ian Fleming is a bit odd.

It seems to have two separate book numbers by two different publishers listed on the book. The front cover (top right corner) states the book as Signet #T3705. The bottom of the front  cover states "StarLine Edition Distributed by Signet".

However if you flip the book over, it plainly states at the bottom of the back cover "StarLine Edition #TK1389" by "Scholastic Book Services".

The book number listed on the spine is #T3705 (the Signet number), with no mention of a publisher.

The copyright page states "This StarLine Edition is published by Scholastic  Book Services..." (no mention of Signet on copyright page), and it's stated as a 1st printing ... November 1968

So I guess this book can be listed in both the Signet and Scholastic publisher folders on the BookScans site.

The Signet number on the spine and front cover should very well be listed as a Signet book. Right?

Scholastic (StarLine Edition) number listed on back cover and the copyright page states the book as
a Scholastic book, so it should be listed as such. Right?

Right? Wrong? Confused? I know I am.


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