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Listed here, for your enjoyment, are all 20 of the covers in the BookScans database from the "Agent 0008" novels by Clyde Allison (which was a pseudonym of William Knoles, who also wrote under several other names).

There are several reasons why these books are so highly collectible. First, there were no other novels like them. I can only describe them as highly erotic, fast-paced, intellectual silliness, obviously meant to be an acerbic spoof of the James Bond novels of Ian Fleming.

Here's a brief excerpt from Mondo Sadisto:

A hundred-sixty. Hundred-seventy. Hundred eighty. A burst of unexpected speed. Two hundred …

I smiled, shoved forward the throttle; finished, leisurely, my triple dry Martini - shaken, not stirred - cradled the glass, sent the helicopter speeding lower.

Now only a dozen, only ten, only five feet separated me from the supercharged sports car and the erotically naked blonde below.

I could see her smile twist into a grimace of fury in her rearview mirror as she saw me thunder closer.

Soon, I chortled to myself, all too soon I’ll get you, young lady! Get you and choke your luscious neck until your face turns purple and your voluptuous body writhes and twists in the early stages of your death agonies …

The scarlet Ferrari gained speed but so did I. An instant later, after first quickly shedding my clothes to rid myself of excess weight, I clambered out onto the landing gear of my helicopter, launched myself into space - straight at the erotically contoured body of my shapely female foe …

THUD! I landed astraddle her, my naked legs circling her waist, my naked right hand gripping her throat - while my naked left hand got in a few quick feels over and around her rapturously curved breasts: Dual delectable domes of ripe, rich, resilient fun flesh tipped with turgid turrets of erect-pulsing responsive nipple-flesh.

“Mercy! Mercy!" She screamed, while the Ferrari swerved wildly ….

And yes, every novel that I've read goes on and on like that. If he was shooting for "outrageous," he certainly nailed it. Even the sex is an elaborate spoof of other adult books.

Secondly, the cover art, while diverse, is mostly from the same artist: Robert Bonfils. In a few cases, Bonfils collaborated with other artists who produced paintings for Greenleaf publishers. (CA901 is by Ed Smith. NB1877 is by Darryl Milsap. The artist for CA930 is unknown.) Bonfils' covers are in great demand by collectors.

For MUCH more information, and to see different scans of these books (as well as other books by "Clyde Allison") I most strongly urge you read the article in Lynn Munroe's Vintage Paperback Archive website HERE.



Many thanks to contributors of scans shown on this page:


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